We believe that our bodies don’t need harsh chemicals to look and smell good. That’s why our deodorant contains only the essential natural ingredients and a combination of potent antibacterial essential oils.

We don’t use any parabens or aluminium salts either: here’s why.

nackt is palm-oil free, plastic-free, 100% vegan, and tested only on humans.

What’s in it?

Native coconut oil
Moisturises skin and hair
Fights body odour

Shea butter
Nourishes skin and hair
Unclogs pores
Boosts collagen production

Baking soda
Fights body odour
Balances pH levels in skin

Cocoa butter
Hydrates and relieves dry skin

Natural clay
Absorbs dirt and excess oil from pores

Corn starch
Absorbs moisture

Sunflower seed wax
Natural emollient
Ensures that the deodorant doesn’t melt at higher temperatures and doesn’t become too hard in cold temperatures

Tea tree oil
A natural preservative and antibacterial agent

Perfume from natural essential oils
A complex, unisex fragrance
Herbaceous base notes with citrus highlights
Overpowering nothing but body odour