nackt in the orchard, 50ml

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Natural deodorant that truly works.
Concentrated. Vegan and plastic-free. Tested only on humans.
Nourishing formula with a unisex fragrance from natural essential oils.
Herbaceous base notes with citrus highlights.
Lasts ca. 3 months depending on how often you shower and reapply.

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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 17 × 12 × 5 cm

3 reviews for nackt in the orchard, 50ml

  1. Vanko

    I finally find the right texture and scent for a deodorant. The experience is so refreshing and I just need to rub it on me after the shower. And it works so so so well on me. Support vegan/bio product!!

  2. Germaine

    The texture is smooth and the product applies nicely. Neither the formula nor texture caused any irritation, my skin feels great! The smell is beautiful: a subtle combination of natural fragrances. And of course a big plus is the absence of plastic in the product and container.

  3. annagor

    My first natural deodorant and it really works. Very subtle citrus smell, smooth texture and nice plastic free packaging that you can repurpose. Easy to use, good for you and for our planet. Win-win! Will definitely recommend it.

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