About us

nackt was founded in Berlin by Anna Bernhardt – an Art Director with a love of beauty and an obsession with minimalism. Already seeing the urgent need to tackle climate change and pollution, she was dismayed at how much waste she was producing through her use of commercial personal care and household products, not to mention how poisonous many of their ingredients were.

In transitioning to environmentally friendly products, she discovered the damage that commercial deodorants and antiperspirants were causing to herself and the environment, but failed to find a deodorant that would be efficient, affordable, and a sensual joy to use.

She started to make her own natural deodorant at home. Finally perfecting the recipe, friends and colleagues asked for some, and then demanded more. And so nackt was born – a vegan, plastic-free, natural deodorant that truly works, with an aesthetic and philosophy that speaks to environmentally-conscious lovers of beautiful design.