Find out what satisfied nackt users have to say:

Germaine, Heerlen

“The texture is smooth and the product applies nicely. Neither the formula nor texture caused any irritation, my skin feels great! The smell is beautiful: a subtle combination of natural fragrances. And of course a big plus is the absence of plastic in the product and container.”

Germaine, Heerlen


“I finally find the right texture and scent for a deodorant. The experience is so refreshing and I just need to rub it on me after the shower. And it works so so so well on me. Support vegan/bio product!!”

Vanko, Berlin


“I googled the ingredients before buying and they really are all natural with no toxic stuff. I have been trying other natural deodorants but I had to reapply throughout the day (tropical heat!!). Nackt is the only one that keeps away the body odour for the whole day. Definitely worth the price!”

Sze, Singapore


“This stuff lasts forever! Plus it’s really a plastic-free natural deodorant. No dodgy clauses. The container is so beautiful when I buy a new one I’m gonna use the old one for other bathroom storage!”

Kristina, Madrid


“Finally, a chic vegan natural deodorant that doesn’t stain my clothes! My only complaint is that there aren’t other sizes available. It would be great to have small ones in my gym and yoga bags too.”

Nadja, Hamburg


“I only need to use a little bit a day, so it’s worth the price for sure. Besides the price that my health and the environment pays for toxic chemicals and plastic is huge! nackt deodorant has only natural ingredients and works all day long (how is this even possible?!). One more piece of plastic out of my apartment.”

Priyanka, Berlin


“I was a bit hesitant about all these “alternative deodorants”. I don’t want to smell like B.O. wrapped in a cloud of incense. I took a gamble on nackt and am very happy that I did! The scent is complex and not girly at all, and as a deodorant it actually works. And the best part is I only use a small amount and it lasts the whole day!”

Anthony, Amsterdam


“My first natural deodorant and it really works. Very subtle citrus smell, smooth texture and nice plastic free packaging that you can repurpose. Easy to use, good for you and for our planet. Win-win! Will definitely recommend it.”

Anna, Milan